Security Audits

Security Audits Service

Security Audit Service

The Patrimonial Security Audit is a methodological and professional process aimed to identifying and evaluating the risks of a Company in terms of, its technology and its processes, to verify that there are adequate and necessary controls to protect against security threats.


Define critical infrastructure assets. Creating a risk profile for each one.

2. Audit

Establishes a methodology to audit security risks for critical assets. Identify resources efficiently and effectively to mitigate risks. The methodology must analyze the correlation between critical assets, threats, vulnerabilities and mitigation controls.

3. Mitigation

Select the most appropriate mitigation methodology to establish security controls for each risk.

4. Prevention

Implement tools and processes to minimize threats and vulnerabilities in critical resources.

A Patrimonial Security Audit is not punctual, it is a continuous activity that must be implemented every year. The Continuous security audits give the company an updated list of threats and potential risks to which it may be exposed.